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Strategic geographical location, long-established industrial tradition, reasonable costs, well-developed infrastructure and skilled labor force make the Czech Republic perfect source base for your business. Czech Republic has been a member state of the European Union since 2004 and given EU common market, it offers many opportunities to access European market through the Czech Republic.

The Czech Republic is a highly open economy exporting three fourth of its output and attractive destination for foreign investments. Czech companies have a reputation of reliable partners and suppliers of high quality products, technologies and services.


Area: 78 864 km2
Neighboring countries: Germany, Poland, Slovakia, Austria
Population: 10.5 million
Capital: Prague (1.2 million inhabitants)
Other large cities: Brno (378,000 inhabitants), Pilsen (169,000 inhabitants), Ostrava (292,000 inhabitants)
Official language: Czech
Currency: Czech crown, CZK
VAT: standard rate 21 %, first reduced rate 15 %, second reduced rate 10 %
Political arrangements: a parliamentary republic with a multiple party system
Administrative divisions: The Czech Republic is divided into 14 regions


BusinessInfo.cz/en – The official business portal that is here to help foreign businesses navigate the Czech business environment. Current information on its website on the conditions for doing business and on investment and trade opportunities.

More facts and information about life&work, tourism, education and others in the Czech Republic on the website www.czech.cz/en/

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